Research and Development at the BHUDRH focuses on applied research relevant to population health and the delivery of health services in rural and remote settings.

The research and development stream of the BHUDRH and CRHR specifically focuses on research and evaluation that relates to remote and regionally specific issues and/or populations. This may include research or evaluation that has a remote component within a broader research and development issue.

The BHUDRH (and CRHR) research and development activity and engagement is guilded by the following three principles:

BHUDRH areas of research and development (*BHUDRH priority area):
Examples of research and development activity in each of the three areas include:
  • Rural Health Workforce and Education*
    • Extended Nursing Placement Program evaluation
    • Clinical Courage project
    • ENRICH evaluations
  • Rural Health and Health Outcomes*
    • School Based Primary Health Care Service evaluation
    • Modified Theory of Access
    • Lead Management Program
  • Other collaborative and curiosity-driven health research
    • Interstate Palliative Care project
    • Cricket Injury Prevention Program

Department of Rural Health, Broken Hill, University of Sydney

2023 Research output listing Publications

Randall, S., White, D., & Dennis, S. (2023). A collaborative primary health care model for children and young people in rural Australia: explorations of cross-sectoral leader action. Australian Journal of Primary Health, 29(6), 566–574.

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Haddadan, G., Hannan, A. M., Wright, N., & Saurman, E. (2023). “Group drum helps placement working”: Unpacking the value of DRUMBEAT for interprofessional group learning during practice placement. Focus on Health Professional Education: A Multi-Professional Journal, 24(4), 87–103.

Brooks, R., White, I. A., Walters, L., Williams, S., Couper, I., Konkin, J., & Campbell, D. G. (2023). Developing conceptually sound items for a clinical courage questionnaire. Rural and Remote Health, 23(2), 1–9.

Naden, K., Hampton, D., Walke, E., Pavlovic, S. P., Graham, S., & Jones, D. (2023). Growing Our Own Rural, Remote and Aboriginal Health Workforce: Contributions made, approaches taken and lessons learnt by three rural Australian academic health departments. The Australian Journal of Rural Health, 31(3), 589–595.

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Riegel, M., Buckley, T., Randall, S. (2023) Family’s experience being offered memory making in adult intensive care and its use in early bereavement: A descriptive qualitative study. Journal of Clinical Nursing. DOI: 10.1111/jocn.16725 

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Pham,L., Moles, R., O'Reilly, C., Carter, S., Raynes-Greenow, C., Chen, T., Raduescu, C., Randall, S., Bloomfield, J., Strowel, C., Murphy, A., Gardner, D., El-Den, S. (2023) Perinatal women’s views of pharmacist-delivered perinatal depression screening: a qualitative study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 

Publications submitted

  • ·Julie Bertram,1* Rachel Kryah,2 Roxanne Vandermause,1 Hannah L. N. Stewart,3 Nil Ean,4,5 Steven E. Bruce,6,7 Adam W. Carrico,8 Julie A. Mannarino,2 Robert T. Brooks, and Robert H. Paul,2,7

Enhancing the Capacity for Mental Health Research and Care in Cambodia: A Phenomenological Study 2023

International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being

Submitted November 2023

  • Brooks, Robert; Chen, Jack; Williams, Susan; Campbell, David; Couper, Ian; Konkin, Jill; Walters, Lucie

Using AMOS© to conduct bifactor modelling: A practical example using the Clinical Courage Questionnaire

Applied Psychological Measurement Submitted November 2023 


  • Randall, S  2023 (17/3) Sydney Connection, Collaboration and Critical Conversations

Waranara (Health Professions Education Research Network)  Sydney University and virtual

  • Robert Brooks: Clinical Courage - the lived experience of Bush Dr’s Shoalhaven Rural Health Research Conference 18/3/2023
  • Robert Brooks, collaborating colleagues: Prof Lucie Walters, Prof Ian Couper, Prof Jill Konkin, Dr David Campbell, Dr Susan Williams

Clinical Courage: covering the gap between the patient's needs and the clinician's scope of practice  RMA Hobart October 2023

  • Winston, H., Saurman, E., Sanford, C., Wuersch, L., Johnson, D., Bennett, P., MacDougall H., Nadvil, S., Cooper, P.

2023 The long-term influence of simulation and virtual reality training: A qualitative study of FREDeX in Western NSW (poster) Dubbo, NSW, 11-12 September 2023 Western NSW Health Research Network (WHRN) 2023 Research Symposium: “Advancing the quality of rural health research through networking: reflecting on our past, empowering our future”

  • Chow, M., Saurman, E., Haddadan, G., Boreland, F.

Evidence for interventions in children with high blood lead levels – a scoping review (poster) Dubbo, NSW, 11-12 September 2023 Western NSW Health Research Network (WHRN) 2023 Research Symposium: “Advancing the quality of rural health research through networking: reflecting on our past, empowering our future”

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