Due to the current bushfires sweeping across areas within NSW, students are advised to CHECK TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS (Flights, Road closures, Train services etc) to clinical placements in the Far West; North West and South West regions of NSW.   For current information on live updates, traveller information and personalised alerts for NSW, SA, VIC & ACT roads,  please visit: 

Live Traffic NSW  

Victoria Road Closures 

South Australia


The far west region of New South Wales is a considerable distance from the coasts. It is important that you carefully plan your trip beforehand, and ensure you keep friends and family aware of your progress once you’ve left home.

You can also get to Broken Hill, as well as all our placement sites, by driving, flying, or using a combination of train and/or bus services.

Coming with your own vehicle is, however, highly recommended. In fact, if your placement is over 4 weeks long, we strongly encourage you to consider bringing a vehicle. This is because public transportation is limited or non-existent in many of our placement sites, so having your own vehicle will allow you mobility and a greater opportunity to explore your surroundings.

Flying is only an option for students who are going on placement to Broken Hill. Regional Express (REX) Airline is the only airline that operates out of Broken Hill, and it offers regular flights to and from Sydney, Dubbo, Adelaide, Melbourne and Mildura.

If you wish to fly, then keep in mind that Broken Hill Airport is located 6 km from Broken Hill’s town centre. You can make the short trip into town and your student accommodation by using taxi services at the terminal.

Flights to Menindee or Wilcannia

There are no direct flights to Menindee or Wilcannia. Both sites are between 100 - 200km from Broken Hill.  You may wish to fly in to Broken Hill, then take a public bus service to either town.

Flights to the North West region

There are no direct flights to Bourke, Brewarrina, Cobar, Lightning Ridge or Walgett. You may, however, fly to Dubbo and take a coach or train service to any of the sites in this region. 

Flights to the South West region

There are no direct flights to Balranald, Dareton or Wentworth.  If your placement is in Dareton or Wentworth, you may fly in to Mildura and catch a local bus service to either town.  You may also fly in to Mildura if your placement is in Balranald, but keep in mind that Balranald is over 150km away from Mildura.  (There is a coach and train service between Mildura and Balranald.)

There are several coach and train services to Broken Hill and all other placement sites. Each service is different and will have differing costs. We recommend that students choosing this option take the time to plan their trip and investigate the best options available to them.

Please visit NSW Transport to begin planning your journey. (Their online planner will give you a ticket cost and help plan your train and/or coach journey to your destination.)

Bus to Menindee or Wilcannia

A community bus departs Monday - Friday from Broken Hill Health Service at 1.45pm (Wilcannia) and 3.00pm (Menindee).  To reserve your seat, please call 0417 417 954 (Wilcannia) or 0417 417 954 (Menindee).  Please note there will be a charge.

There is a NSW Transport coach service that leaves Broken Hill at 3.45 am and arrives in Wilcannia at 6.15am (on its way to Dubbo).  There is also a NSW Transport train service that departs Broken Hill on Tuesdays only at 7.45am and arrives in Menindee at 9.25am.

Driving is a good option when travelling into the far west region, particularly for longer placements.

If you bring your own vehicle, ensure it is mechanically sound to cover long distances, especially if travelling during the summer periods. When travelling by car always plan your journey to avoid driving at dusk or dawn due to the very active night wildlife and open range properties.

If driving on unsealed roads, slow down as road surface conditions can change without warning. When following another vehicle or approaching an oncoming vehicle, never drive through dust clouds – this is a common cause of major accidents in the Outback.


Before starting your trip, make sure your vehicle has been serviced.  Make sure to also check:

  • Water levels
  • Oil levels
  • Tyre pressure and tread

You should also consider bringing with you:

  • Lots of drinking water, whether in the summer or winter
  • First aid kit