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About the Broken Hill UDRH

The Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health, the North West and South West Academic Centre’s, University of Sydney, Acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land in which the BHUDRH has built its footprint.

The Wilykali and Paakantji people in the Broken Hill region.
The Wongaibon, Ngemba, Muruwari, Yuwaalaraay, Gunu, Gamilaraay and Barranbinya people in our North West Academic Centre in Bourke & region.
The Paakantji, Maraura, Latje Latje, Mutthi Mutthi and Tati Tati peoples in the South west Academic Centre in Coomealla region.
We pay our respect to their Elders past, present and emerging on who’s land we conduct our business. We acknowledge the contribution and continuation of their cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their connection to land and waters.

We respect and recognise the cultural knowledge belongs to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their communities and organisations. 

We also pay our respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who live, work and contribute their knowledge and skills to improving outcomes for all Aboriginal people within the footprint of the BHUDRH.

I would like to Acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land we are meeting today the Wilyakali people here in Broken Hill, I also acknowledge and pay respect to all First Nation people and communities from where you are dialling in from, recognising the diversity of First Nation communities across the Broken Hill UDRH footprint and Australia.  I would like to pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging. I would also like to recognise and respect the cultural knowledge belongs to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their communities and organisations. 

Our focus at the BHUDRH, is to establish relevant teaching and support environments for medical, nursing and allied health students who require clinical placement. 

We also actively work to improve the quality of health care for rural Australians by fostering local and regional partnerships and enhancing national expertise in rural and remote health research and the translation of research into policy and practice. 

Our team is spread across the far west, north and south western regions of New South Wales, and we are committed to providing the best educational experiences and supporting pertinent research in order to support the growth and development of rural Australia.

The Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health (BH UDRH) is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health under its Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training (RHMT) Program through an agreement with the University of Sydney.

This program has been active under various forms and titles since 1996. The University Departments of Rural Health were initially established as rural training units in response to concerns about the growing shortage of medical and other health practitioners and the need to address the rural health workforce shortage nationwide.

The RHMT Program aims to address the rural and remote health workforce shortage by improving recruitment and retention of medical, nursing, dental and allied health professionals in rural and remote regions and lead to improving the health of the community members.

The RHMT Program goals are to:

  • Provide effective rural training experiences for health students
  • Develop an evidence base for the efficacy of rural training strategies in delivering rural health workforce outcomes
  • Support rural health professionals to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island health
  • Increase the number of rural origin health and medical students and
  • Maximise the investment of programs funds in rural, regional and remote areas

BHUDRH Mission & Vision Statement 2018 (pdf)

BHUDRH Strategic Directions 2019-2023 (pdf)

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What Our Students Say

Thank you again for everything. This placement was my best yet and has opened my eyes to primary health care, which I really enjoy! I will absolutely be recommending this program to others!

Eloise McCarthy - Nursing Student - University of Wollongong

I loved my time out in Broken Hill. I appreciated the independence and flexibility that the ECPP program provided, but the real highlights were the people! The hospital and general practice staff who welcomed us and provided hands-on opportunities to apply our knowledge in a clinical setting; and the other students who were keen to explore and be immersed in the Broken Hill community. I didn't want to head back to Sydney at the end of it!

Yvonne Chang - Medicine: ECPP University of Sydney

Our placement in Broken Hill has honestly been the highlight of my dental degree! The clinical experience was fun and varied, but the town and the people are really what made this such an enjoyable placement. Broken Hill has so much going for it and everyone there is so friendly and accommodating. I can't recommend this rotation with the UDRH highly enough!

Emma Maxwell - Dental Student - University of Sydney

Before coming here I would never have considered working in a rural or remote community but this placement has completely changed my mind! A highlight for me was spending time in the children’s services attached to WAMS (Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service). I also really enjoyed travelling to see other towns in the surrounding areas and the other extra-curricular activities that a rural area has to offer! Thank you for all the feedback, suggestions and learning opportunities that you provided. I look forward to starting the university semester next year to apply what I have learned here to my studies and can’t wait for my next rural placement!

Victoria Lord - Occupational Therapy Student - Southern Cross University

My social work placement in Broken Hill was a fabulous experience. Through working with Lifeline I had the chance to meet and work with so many different people, see places I would never have otherwise visited, and participate in and contribute to events that made me feel a part of the Broken Hill community. The UDRH is incredibly supportive and there are so many opportunities to learn and develop skills. I would encourage everyone to come out here for a placement if given the chance!

Kate Rankin - Social Work Student - Australian Catholic University

I always knew I was going to have a once in a lifetime experience during my rural rotation in Broken Hill but it far exceeded my expectations. For a regional town, there’s something to do every night of the week and there are some amazing places to visit within a few hours drive. The accommodation was clean and comfortable. The dental clinic was also brand new and with a heavy focus on ROP, you get very efficient at diagnosing, presenting & treating patients. You’ll get out what you put in so get amongst it and you’ll no doubt have the best time!

Gregory Nguyen - Dental Student - University of Sydney

My time in Broken Hill has been a wonderful learning experience not only clinically but also life experience wise. The community in Broken Hill is friendly and understanding, which makes the experience a lot more enjoyable and comfortable.

Christos Prorellis - Occupational Therapy Student - University of Sydney

All the staff at the BHUDRH department. Thank you so much for making our Broken Hill experience so amazing! You were all so welcoming and accommodating and made the transition so easy. Your organization is amazing, so grateful for this experience.

Rose Gooden - Pharmacy Student- Monash University

...It was a great experience I will always remember, not only as a great health placement location, but more so for the wonderful people I met during my stay. Hopefully I will get back to Bourke at some time in the future, either as an OT or on holidays with my family. If you could pass on my thanks to Tara, Alex, Lonnie and all the staff at Community Health Centre for their help and friendship during my visit it would be much appreciated.

Robert Ryan - Occupational Therapy student

[My placement in Dareton] was a life changing experience both on a personal and professional level. Personal for me because, I have gained wider insight into Aboriginal Health and this has helped me grow to become a better daughter, sister and mother to my child. Professional in the sense that whenever I am caring for a patient with Aboriginal background...there is an instant connection because of how I was treated genuinely by the Dareton community...

Reynalin Guevara - Nursing student

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14 November 2022

“This solidified my belief in the necessity of having equitable access to healthcare in rural and remote Australia; this is the only way of empowering individuals to have greater control over their health"

Hear how rural placements inspire our nursing students to make a difference, and confirms for them that they chose the right path.

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Professor Debra Jones
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Danielle White
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Dr John Wenham
Director, Clinical Medicine

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Charlene Noye
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